Brown-Bag Seminar Series

Brown Bag Seminar Series 2020 Summer Term
Location:  Seminar Room 108 (İktisat Toplantı Odası)
Sinem Sonmez
(Baruch College)
The Quantity Theory of Money (within the context of the U.S. & E.U.).
Melek Akça Prill
(Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research, Karlsruhe)
Energy Dependency, the Potential Supply of Renewable Energies and the Political Responses in Turkey in the Decades since the Oil Crisis.
Birgül Demirtaş
Feminizmin Uluslararası Güvenlikle Ne İlgisi Var? Feminist Teorinin Uluslararası İlişkilere Katkıları.
Kersten Kellermann
Dynamic fiscal competition and the optimal social discount rate.
Papatya Duman
(University of Paderborn)
Non-cohesive TU-games: Efficiency and Duality.

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