Göç ve Mutluluk

International Conference on
Migration and Well-Being
-What Do We learn from Subjective and Objective Outcomes?

Istanbul, 01–02 December 2022

Turkish-German University (TGU)
Conference Room (Language Centre Building Top Floor)
Şahinkaya Cad. No. 106, 34820 Beykoz, Istanbul, Türkiye
Conference language: English
December 1st: 1. Conference Day
13.00h – 13.30h Registration
13.30h – 14.00h Welcome
Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoglu (Dean of Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences)
Cemal Yıldız (Rector of the Turkish-German University)
Kersten Kellermann (DAAD – Faculty Coordinator)
14.00h – 15.30h Keynote Lecture 1
Martijn Hendriks, Erasmus University – Nederland
Happiness and Migration
15.30h – 16.00h Coffee Break
16.00h – 17.30h 1. Session 1
Chair: Alpaslan Akay
Presentation 1. (Online)
Hilke Brockman, Jocobs University – Germany
Females Welcome? Gender-specific immigration and subjective well-being in Germany and Spain

Presentation 2.
David V.S. Bartram, University of Leicester UK
Comparing migrants’ and stayers’ happiness: 
addressing incomplete information via a bounds analysis

Presentation 3. (Online)
Artjoms Ivlevs, University of the West of England – UK
Does health affect attitudes towards immigration?
18.30h – 22.00h Evening Program – Dinner

December 2nd: 2. Conference Day
9.30h – 10.30h Keynote Lecture 2 – by GIZ
Inka Hiltmann-Ritcher & Katharina Montens
Strengthening wellbeing of refugees and host communities in Turkey - concepts, approaches, research.
10.30h – 11.00h Coffee Break
11.00h – 12.30 h 2. Session: Objective Well-Being of Refugees
Chair: Hamza Polattimur
Presentation 1.
Murat Demirci, KOC University – Turkey.
Child Growth and Refugee Status: Evidence from Syrian Migrants in Turkey

Presentation 2.
Murat Kirdar, Bogazici University – Turkey
School Integration of Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

Presentation 3.
Semih Tümen, TED – Turkey
The Crime Effect of Refugees
12.30h – 14.00h Lunch Break
14.00h – 15.30h 3. Session: Topics in Migration
Chair: Levent Yilmaz
Presentation 1.
Abdurrahman Aydemir, Sabanci Univesity –Turkey.
Propagation of Immigration Shocks through Firm to Firm Trade Networks

Presentation 2.
Alpaslan Akay, University of Gothenburg – Sweden
Non-Cognitive Skills and Labour Market Performance of Immigrants

Presentation 3. (Online)
Mehmet Akif Karaman, American University of Middle East – Kuwait
Counseling at the Border: Resilience and Life Satisfaction among Syrian Refugee University Students
15.30h – 16.00h Coffee Break
16.00h – 17.00h 4. Session: Topics from the Field
Burcu Özcan, Program Coordinator, Refugees Association
Activities in Community Center and Research Opportunities.

A short excursion to Migration and Integration Research Center (TAGU)
Visiting Photography Exhibition: Immigration to Germany 61 years ago.
17.00h Closing

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