Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the language of instruction in Turkish German University Economics Program?
Bachelor’s degree in Economics is taught 100% in German. Students have the opportunity to take elective courses in English in their 3rd and 4th year.

2. Is there a tuition fee?

No, as a public university TGU offers bachelor’s degree programs without tuition fees.

3. Is a student dormitory available?
At the moment, accommodation is provided only for our female students on the university campus. For more information, we recommend that you follow our university's social facilities page.

4. Can I be exempt from German language preparatory school?
Without a recognized language certificate, all students have to attend preparatory school before starting their degree programs. After a period of preparatory school, students take a language test and if they succeed, they are admitted to their bachelor’s degree courses.

5. What are the international opportunities of Economics program?
Economics department offer summer school in Germany to its students. As a member of Erasmus+ program, students are able to attend a university abroad as an exchange student.
We are planning to offer a double degree program with a partner university in Germany soon.

6. Are you offering a double degree program?
Our negotiations with universities in Germany for a double degree program opportunity are currently ongoing. Official agreement is yet to be made.

7. What internship possibilities are offered?
Students willing to work as an intern, can take internship elective course and complete their internships in summer. During their internship their social security payments are handled by the university.

8. Where can I work after graduating from the Economics program?
We are aiming to offer our students all the information, training, experience and economic analysis abilities that would enable them to work for public and private sectors in Turkey and other countries. Therefore our graduates can work at public and private companies, academic institutions, think-tanks, banks and finance sector.

9. Why should I study Economics in Turkish-German University?
In addition to our proficient faculty, we have many connections in international academic circles in the field of economics, thanks to the strong ties of our school with Germany.
At Turkish-German University, we attach great importance to English language as well as German. We are running a multilingual program by offering English courses necessary to master the economics literature and some elective courses in English.

10. Where can I find contents of offered courses?
Please follow the link for course contents.

11. Apart from German, do I also need to master another language?
Language of instruction is German but some elective courses in English are offered

12. Is there a summer school?
Our university offers the summer school opportunity in Germany to the students who complete their German preparatory courses with high grades. In addition, at the end of the 1st year, Economics students who are in top of their class can join a 3-week summer school program at our German partner university.

13. Can I take elective courses from other departments?
Our students in their 6th and 7th semester can take elective courses from University’s elective course catalog that are offered by all departments. You can find further information on electives here.