The structure of our Economics Program is designed in a way that enables our students to have a good grasp of the established mainstream approaches in economics, to have a good command of economic history information and analysis tools, and to be aware of new trends and approaches in economics. In addition to the necessary basic mathematics-statistics knowledge, our students' familiarity with the use of basic econometrics package programs and the necessary computer programming knowledge are considered as a vital part of our education goals.

Economics Undergraduate Program consists of lectures and seminars that provide students with a good understanding of basic economic theories, economic history, basic mathematical, statistical and econometric analysis tools needed in modeling and empirical testing, and new approaches that can complement and/or alternative to mainstream economics approaches. The composition of the elective courses in the following years is an indication that students can choose to specialize on an interdisciplinary ground if they wish. The fact that the faculty members running the program consist of distinguished faculty members from Turkey and Germany with international experience is a sign that the program will provide a dynamic and rich content with high adaptability in the face of strong scientific change trends.

The main opportunities that the Economics Program will create arise from the strong academic ties, cooperation and interaction of our University and especially of our Department with Germany. Mutual visits abroad and academic interactions, especially focused on Germany (and Europe), offer our students experiences that will provide them with high academic knowledge and skills.

Although the main language of instruction in our university is German, with our program students can learn and use English as a language of science. The fact that the department will host distinguished faculty members and researchers from within and outside the university in regular seminars and conferences on economic issues will enable our students to further what they have learned in the lessons.


Academic regulations and activities related to the undergraduate education program of the Turkish-German University Economics Department is carried out in collaboration with and under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Andreas Pyka, Head of the Department of Innovation Economics at the University of Hohenheim.